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Here’s the time comes when our commitment transforms your imagination into actions. We deliver innovation, excellence and make you stand away from the competition and ultimately help you in building digital tomorrow. 

The IOanyT platform lets you to come up with your APIs and integrate with our platform to get your hardware devices connected and generate real time insights. We facilitate our clients with a backend interface to connect their IOT devices and get real time data. IOanyT is a developer’s usage platform that allows developers to integrate and deploy the APIs in an easy and flexible manner. 

We are a certified partner with Amazon Web Service (AWS) that offers our clients scalability and agility in delivering digital solutions.


An API for the real world


     "message":"Get Successful"

     "data": [



    "phoneNumber":"+91 8800801880",





    "phoneNumber":"+91 8802801880",






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Why choose iOanyT?


Through IOanyT, we can forge a stronger bond between people and devices. The technological future of the coming decades is written in IOT and IOanyT which stands for internet of anything takes the concept of IOT many notches higher. With IOanyT, the world's your oyster and sky's the limit. It's connectivity on another level.


IOanyT platform has created a backend interface for its clients who have any of the IOT devices having APIs to get integrated with this platform and develop digital solutions after reviewing real data.The platform helps their clients to live the innovation and adapt the changes of the everchaning industry. IOanyT delivers digital transformation and thrives your business values. 


The platform IOanyT brings you the new opportunities and capabilities for resolving your real business challenges and complex problems in no time. We let our clients utilize their deep industry knowledge and techniques in taking their offline IOT products online and connected. IOanyT platform takes the connectivity of devices and innovation on another level.

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How does the technology work?


The incredible technology makes your any of the IOT device “alive” and liable to generate the actual results. IOanyT platform permits the APIs of any of the IOT devices to get integrated with the backend interface in order to generate real time insights.

iOanyT is a developer’s usage platform. The IOT devices come up with their APIs which can be easily integrated with the IOanyT platform. The IOanyT interface takes out the information from the hardware device and sends it to the cloud.


The main aim of this technology is to eliminate the need of having backend interface for their clients. It provides you a superpower to stand in the competitive IT environment with the most brainstorming technology.




AWESOME!!           How can I get started?

Come with your APIs and integrate with our IOanyT platform to get your hardware devices connected and generate real time insights. It provides a backend interface to all the IOT devices such as GPS APIs to integrate with the IOanyT platform and get real time data. The interface pushes the information of the integrated device to the cloud servers and also facilitates the retrieval of the data depending on the user’s requirement.

Quick integration documents



Try our Software Platform!

 Buckle up your seatbelt!! You're in for the ride of your lifetime. With IOanyT, you will have access to the most accurate data. You also need not worry about data storage since your GPS device will be connected to the largest data repository- Amazon Web Server. 

All in all, you will not a get a better platform that provides you with connectivity on this level.

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